Weekend of Firsts


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Lovely weather doesn’t last long around these parts. After a super warm, sunny week, the blustery cold wind brought clouds and even a bit of rain over the weekend. But we still went to the beach, dammit! Here are a few instagrammed snaps. (Sidenote:  I love this app: Instagram=Insta-fun. Yeah, and I also love cheesy wordplay. Laaame!)


Sunglasses were not an affectation. They actually helped protect my eyes against the wind. I love it how my face/eyebrows seem to say: “Puny Demon Dog, you are not WORTHY!”. Inside though I’m all: “Awww, look at that cute pink inside-out ear!!!”

This is where ‘Xmas trees go to die.

Then this happened…

I had never tried one of these “Look what a crazy, fun person I am jumping in the air” poses. Does it look stupid? Mmm, yeah. I wanted to try to see if I COULD do it. Evidence posted. So there! 

Other happenings from last weekend:

– DemonDog was replaced by a more “compact” armrest model. Test results pending but initial user feedback is positive.

 – Corgie butts! 

– Experimenting w/ a new look. DemonDog accessory a must!

– Discovering new sights AND heights around the ‘hood, whilst wearing a hood. See what I did there? Tee hee.

In conclusion, this past weekend was a weekend of firsts for me:

– first time looking stupid (on camera) and not caring 

– first time getting lost and stumbling over a cool, hidden place

– first weekend NOT spent doing house/yard/creative/worky work and NOT feeling guilty

This NEXT weekend it’s going to be filled with back-breaking labour prepping our veggie patch for planting. Wooohooo!


Wish I Was There


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This image captures my idea of the ideal Spring look: classic elegance with a bit of sportiness and of course swag! I love the pairing of white and navy; they are the quintessential spring/summer colors. This whole outfit punctuated by the simple gold accessories is perfect for sitting at a cafe enjoying a good espresso and people-watching.

(image via the Sartorialist)

Ironically, as I am writing this, we are preparing for a snow storm. Ugh!



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So just to show you how productive I have been IRL here’s the latest project I finished. It all started around New Year’s when I walked by my favorite antique chair and casually pulled at the corner of the back cover. As it was made of ancient oilcloth it ripped easily and since I had been meaning to replace it I proceeded to peel off the entire thing.

After removing 40 studs and 55 tiny, rusty, upholstery nails (believe me I counted them) …

… I ended up with this:

Then I measured a piece of the same fabric I used for the cushion and applied it to the back. I first nailed it in just 4 places to see how it would look while I waited about half a day for the original upholstery nails to soak in vinegar to remove all the rust so I can re-use them. Yes – I am THAT thrifty!

Even DemonDog gives it the thumbs up: golden glow is good, red is bad. I still need to find decorative studs but it works for now.

Rambling Revelations


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Like the Rolling Stones I am still alive and rocking! And rolling… or more precisely … procrastinating! But only in posting which is really because of my severe lack of writing mojo. Between you, me and the interwebs, here’s a secret: I am not very good at writing.  I am sure that for you, discerning readers, this is not a surprise but it was for me. 😦

I am slowly coming to terms with this revelation and can see a glimmer of silver lining which is this: Pictures say a thousand words! And taking pictures is something my super duper camera or iPhone can do wonderfully without requiring a lot of talent on my part.

Thank you technology for coming to my rescue yet again! (I also owe a big debt of gratitude to Spell Check, but I think I am not alone in that – BE HONEST!)

And since today’s theme is revelations here’s another one – can you handle it? One of the main culprits for my lack of posts has been my growing addiction to Instagram. Again, photos over writing! Should’ve seen that one coming…

So without further ado, here are highlights of the last couple of months from my Instagram feed. Can you guess which filter is my favourite?


Here Comes the Sun

Spent the day by the shore. The sunshine was glorious and the beach deserted. Oliver had a blast running on the dunes, hiding in the tall grasses and chasing seagulls.

It’s days like this that make me feel nostalgic for past holidays.

Dreaming of summer…

What about you – what adventures did the weekend bring ?