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Sam Flores – Butterfly Gun

Somebody asked me recently why I am not posting outfits anymore. (Thank you brave person not ashamed of reading my blog!)

To quote Carrie Bradshaw: ” This got me thinking“. Why haven’t I been doing those posts?

First, I have become a bit disenchanted with “fashion blogging”. Sure, there are still some genuine articles out there (Susie Bubble, Rookie, NotSoLonelyLondoners to name a few) but majority are devoid of original content or fresh perspective. Sites like Manrepeller were quite good for a while before devolving into repetitive posts gushing with praise over every designer (even more so if said collection is viewed from the front row courtesy of the designer’s PR). 

I feel like most of the fashion bloggers had an Edina Monsoon revelation: ”There was a time I was out there. I was hip. I was dangerous. The zeitgeist blew from me! ”. As a result they are trying fad after fad trying to stay ahead of the trend curve but end up looking like carbon copies of each other. 

I’ve also been exposed to sites like GOMI, Sister Wolf and Shamepuff that are critical (and have documented proof to back it up) of the type of perk-seeking activities that take place under the guise of fashion blogging. Feel free to laugh at my naiveté!

And third, if anyone is keeping track, I wanted to get back to the roots of my blog which was more about style and design (residential and capital F Fashion) than outfit posts.

Please don’t take any of this as judgment on the fashion blogging community as whole. As I said, there are bloggers out there that produce great original content and without their voices, fashion blogging would not have the elevated profile it has today!

I know there are people who would will say I should not even count my measly posts as fashion blogging or myself as a blogger period.

I am not. This is not a blog. You are not reading this. There is no spoon.