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I saw this recently on The Sartorialist.

Photo credit: The Sartorialist

It reminded me of a color combo (white & navy) that I liked in this post. But somehow the men’s version is not working for me. Let’s break it down:

1) The Jacket – right color and button detail, not the right cut IMHO. I am not a fan of double-breasted jackets, too “mafioso-fabuloso”. Paired with the thin, white pants, all he is missing are the fisherman sweater and anchor cap to look like he’s auditioning for Moby Dick.

2) Sweater – fine on its’ own but too matchy with the jacket. It’s almost like he is one of those Lego pieces: one blue square and one white. I would remove the jacket and just pair the sweater with a different one or go without.

3) Bag – from what I can tell it’s big and worn brown leather which is about as manly as you can get with a bag (not a “murse”!). I’m curious about the shoes as white pants can be tricky in terms of footwear. I am hoping the pants weren’t cuffed, too cliché.

4) Accesories- looks like a friendship bracelet which it’s been done to death but the watch is nice.

5) Neckwear – laughable! Unless you want to look like a gondolier or ageing playboy.

6) Grooming – ok. He can pull off the Richard Gere in American Gigolo hair.

Wow, it seems I had quite few things to bitch about! Let it not be said I am not opinionated.