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So we finally made it back to Sharon Springs after 2 years! (details of our last trip here). This time we arrived right at the beginning of the Harvest Festival and we also booked a tour of the Beekman Farm.

I had been looking forward to this ever since I discovered the Fabulous Beekman Boys show on Planet Green and fell in love with the farm, the Boys and all the colorful characters that populate the show.

Everyone we met was full of genuine warmth and hospitality and the Boys were no exception. We both got hugs and invites for next year’s celebrations! I think my favorite part was the Pig Roast at the Sharon Tavern where we got to meet some of the people who actually live and work in Sharon and Sharon Springs. And the food was not bad either ;-)!

Ok, enough blah, blah, blah – picture time!

Meeting the Fabulous Beekman Boys: Brent and Josh

Went underground @ Howe Caverns

Boat ride down the River Styx with Zombie Bieber

Second day, farm tour @ the gorgeous Beekman Mansion.

Met some very friendly goats

The one and only Farmer John!

Then this happened …

… and this

Wishing everyone a bountiful Fall!