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 Every year I swear I won’t care but here I go again … NYFW. Sooo many shows and pictures to go through! And so many trends: which one is a fad, which one is a new classic, which one is just crazy enough to work and which one is plain crazy? (Bare midriff, really???)

A few rules I like to use as a guide:

1) Appearances can be deceiving. The runway styling can be ridiculous and distract from the actual clothes (see March Jacobs!). Try viewing the collections in the showroom. It will give you a better idea of what the collection is composed of and allow you to create pairings that are closer to your aesthetic.

2) The morning after effect. The staging, decor, music etc. are designed to create an atmosphere, enhance the runway presentation and influence your judgment. Better wait until the morning after before making statements like: Skin tight red leather pants are the new black! Adult diaper short shorts – Genius! Ankle jewelry – so fetch!

3) Go back in the closet. Fashion is cyclical so what goes around comes around with some variations. Don’t spend a fortune on straight-off-the runway stuff (not that you could: those items won’t be in stores for months if ever!). Try your closet first: items you stored away could be back in style. This is why you should always buy quality items so they store well and look fresh.

As an aside – I read this book ” Fashion Babylon” by Imogen Edwards-Jones and I can’t recommend it enough. It provides a sobering yet funny look behind the glossy facade put up by the fashion industry.

 Cheers! (Here’s hoping my next post won’t be in 2013!)