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I’ve been struggling lately with a sudden weight gain (stress-related) and putting together office-appropriate outfits that still excite me fashion-wise. My usual slim pants were starting to look a bit “strained” so I started introducing more skirts into the rotation. This led to wearing heels more often and all was well until my chiro recommended giving my feet a break from time to time.:-(

For me, that is like a one-way ticket to Dumpyville. My lower region is made for A-line and full skirts but with my short legs, flats make me look like a female hobbit.(Love how happy these women look walking the red carpet with 6 months worth of leg hair on display. I guess skipping the waxing torture would make me euphoric as well.)

Meanwhile, I have learned to embrace the sensible heel (for me that means between 2 1/2 and 3 1/2 inches) and it actually works! Here’s a sampling:

I do lapse on particularly depressing days when I need an extra lift. Looking down on people (literally) helps boost my morale!

When I must wear flats I try to zhuzh them up with some prints and color, like so:

And when all else fails I load up on accessories:


I figure that all that extra weight on my arms should help with shedding pounds. It’s a win-win!