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Lovely weather doesn’t last long around these parts. After a super warm, sunny week, the blustery cold wind brought clouds and even a bit of rain over the weekend. But we still went to the beach, dammit! Here are a few instagrammed snaps. (Sidenote:  I love this app: Instagram=Insta-fun. Yeah, and I also love cheesy wordplay. Laaame!)


Sunglasses were not an affectation. They actually helped protect my eyes against the wind. I love it how my face/eyebrows seem to say: “Puny Demon Dog, you are not WORTHY!”. Inside though I’m all: “Awww, look at that cute pink inside-out ear!!!”

This is where ‘Xmas trees go to die.

Then this happened…

I had never tried one of these “Look what a crazy, fun person I am jumping in the air” poses. Does it look stupid? Mmm, yeah. I wanted to try to see if I COULD do it. Evidence posted. So there! 

Other happenings from last weekend:

– DemonDog was replaced by a more “compact” armrest model. Test results pending but initial user feedback is positive.

 – Corgie butts! 

– Experimenting w/ a new look. DemonDog accessory a must!

– Discovering new sights AND heights around the ‘hood, whilst wearing a hood. See what I did there? Tee hee.

In conclusion, this past weekend was a weekend of firsts for me:

– first time looking stupid (on camera) and not caring 

– first time getting lost and stumbling over a cool, hidden place

– first weekend NOT spent doing house/yard/creative/worky work and NOT feeling guilty

This NEXT weekend it’s going to be filled with back-breaking labour prepping our veggie patch for planting. Wooohooo!