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So just to show you how productive I have been IRL here’s the latest project I finished. It all started around New Year’s when I walked by my favorite antique chair and casually pulled at the corner of the back cover. As it was made of ancient oilcloth it ripped easily and since I had been meaning to replace it I proceeded to peel off the entire thing.

After removing 40 studs and 55 tiny, rusty, upholstery nails (believe me I counted them) …

… I ended up with this:

Then I measured a piece of the same fabric I used for the cushion and applied it to the back. I first nailed it in just 4 places to see how it would look while I waited about half a day for the original upholstery nails to soak in vinegar to remove all the rust so I can re-use them. Yes – I am THAT thrifty!

Even DemonDog gives it the thumbs up: golden glow is good, red is bad. I still need to find decorative studs but it works for now.