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Like the Rolling Stones I am still alive and rocking! And rolling… or more precisely … procrastinating! But only in posting which is really because of my severe lack of writing mojo. Between you, me and the interwebs, here’s a secret: I am not very good at writing.  I am sure that for you, discerning readers, this is not a surprise but it was for me. 😦

I am slowly coming to terms with this revelation and can see a glimmer of silver lining which is this: Pictures say a thousand words! And taking pictures is something my super duper camera or iPhone can do wonderfully without requiring a lot of talent on my part.

Thank you technology for coming to my rescue yet again! (I also owe a big debt of gratitude to Spell Check, but I think I am not alone in that – BE HONEST!)

And since today’s theme is revelations here’s another one – can you handle it? One of the main culprits for my lack of posts has been my growing addiction to Instagram. Again, photos over writing! Should’ve seen that one coming…

So without further ado, here are highlights of the last couple of months from my Instagram feed. Can you guess which filter is my favourite?