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So let’s say something happened that requires you to wear conservative, black clothing. Sounds like a Project Runway challenge in an extremist Middle-Eastern country, right? After experimenting with various combinations here’s what I discovered so far. I would call this “Black on Black: A Primer”:

– Wearing black does not make for very exciting blog photos b/c black doesn’t photograph well so try posing against contrasting backdrops (this is a tip for blogging mostly but it also works if you have to take photos for events);

– Playing with volume and textures can help add interest to your outfit;

– However some textures are more difficult depending on the season i.e. wool or leather.  Thank goodness for silk, black on black patterns and lace!

– Be careful of using too much black lace so you don’t end up looking like Madonna in the ’80s, unless that’s your thing, in which case go for it!

– Jewelry (gold or silver) is your best friend and can zhuzz up an all-black outfit instantly.Think bold, geometric necklaces, anything sparkly and layers of bangles;

– If you can – add splashes of color with your accessories like I did here. You can either keep the pallette muted: forrest green, burgundy, eggplant etc. or go bold with neons in primary colors: ORANGE! ELECTRIC BLUE! FUCHSIA!

– Animal print (leopard in particular) looks AH-MAH-ZING with black so mix in a shoe, belt or bag in that print but don’t do all three at once.

That’s what I have so far but I’d love to hear your tips on wearing black on black.