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Remember our industrial dining room table? Well, we finally got around to adding the finish. We went with what is commonly known as Dutch oil. It is not a stain or a varnish but an oil that penetrates the wood. It does double duty by enhancing the look of the wood grain AND protecting it against moisture and tarnish. The best thing? No sanding in between coats and you can apply it as thin or as thick as you like because the wood absorbs what it needs and you can simply wipe the excess off!

 After a few hours and 2 coats of oil our table went from this:

To this (shown here in the process of applying the second coat of oil):

I also used this product to revamp our IKEA cedar outdoor table.

Here’s a shot of the table during the sanding/stripping process. Notice the contrast between the lighter natural wood color on one side and the original darker stain.

You can see in the photo above that the table had faded to a gray driftwood color, underneath the stain.  The sides however were not faded so I applied two coats of driftwood stain to even it out. I finished it off with the Teak Oil and voila!

You can still see a slight color difference between the sides of the table and the top but a few weeks in the sun should fix that. The next step is to repeat the process for the chairs so they match the table.

What about you guys? Any projects in the works?