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Between our solar system and the Dagobah system, there’s a strange place called Fashion Planet where herds of impossibly beautiful creatures roam freely. The people that inhabit this planet live only to style, photograph and critique these beings and their outfits.

(All illustrations copyright Achraf Amiri – the Hidden Son of the Adams Family)

One of the biggest celebrations of this planet “de la fashion” (as their President Derek Zoolander calls it) is Fashion Week (FW). This is THE event of the year when the elite gathers to look at the gorgeous creatures walking about in beautiful clothes. It’s kind of like playing Barbie dress-up only these Barbies are taller than 9 inches. This elite group of elusive elitists then decrees which of the clothes are IN and which ones are OUT.  Sometimes, a few of the creators of the garments (known as “designers”) are sent into exile and their creations are locked up in sprawling cement buildings with signs that have “Mart” in their name.

You might think it’s tyrannical that this small group of people decides the sartorial laws for an entire Universe. And you are not the only ones! In fact, the people from a neighboring star, Glob, rallied against the totalitarian regime of Fashion Planet. They issued their own decrees regarding what’s IN and OUT and harnessed the attention and allegiance of other planets to stage a coup. The Fashion Planet regime fought back but alas! they had not consumed sufficient calories to be able to withstand the onslaught of the rebels .

Slowly, a truce was reached and the Fashion Planet elite invited the Glob rebels to enter the inner sanctum of their most treasured celebration: FW. Nowadays, representatives from both sides sit in the front row and scowl collectively while judging the beautiful creatures.

The End?