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Even though DesertMan and I moved to the ‘burbs we haven’t stopped having a life. On the contrary, we seem to entertain at home more often than when we were city-dwellers probably because we have more room now!

As a result we needed a bigger table that would fit at least 10 people. We discovered this the hard way during Easter when we had 11 people over and our table would only fit 6 comfortably.

We wanted a solid wood table (our glass table was getting smudged too easily) and we wanted an industrial look. We debated purchasing one but all the options we found here, here and here were too expensive or didn’t have the look we wanted.

As luck would have it, I found this awesome post on Apartment Therapy that had instructions on how to build a table using materials found at HomeDepot and IKEA.

We followed the instructions pretty closely with some deviations:

– we changed to overall size of the table to fit our dining room

– we wanted a hardwood that would endure many years so we went with white oak

– we went with the raw steel hairpin legs 

We also varied the width of the oak boards to give some texture and depth to the table so it doesn’t end up looking like one big wooden board.

Legs were really easy to attach, all we needed were some screws from HomeDepot.

The planks were fastened across with 6 boards to ensure they were flush. The ones added at the edges were key.

Next we sanded down the edges and surface to smooth out any rough areas.

The final result. We still need to select a finish stain but the natural oak color is growing on me.

I’m only showing 6 chairs in the picture but the table can seat 10 comfortably and even 11 with narrower seating. Right now we have a mis-match of chairs: the IKEA Tobias chairs and these vintage ones I refurbished in this post. I’m thinking of adding 2 more chairs so we have 10. I’ve got my eye on these Panton S chairs although they’re a bit too much for our budget right now.

Oh and the kicker? This project cost a total of $300 compared to upwards of $500 at the usual furniture stores. (Yes even IKEA!)