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Sorry for the lack of posts! Work has been really hectic lately.

I got this vintage Claude Montana coat on ebay. He was a French designer that was really popular in the ’80s that favored  aggressive shapes, strong colors  and sharp tailoring rendered in luxurious materials like cashmere and leather.  His work was an inspiration for many designers such as Alexander McQueen.

The coat is made from a very thick, heavy wool – you just can’t find quality like this anymore! It has a very wide colar and is cut like a cape but I like wearing it cinched with a belt to amp up the dramatic shape.


The hardware adds flair and function – you can pull the sleeve laces tighter to narrow the sleeves if needed.

Overall, a great investment!

I paired it with a new pair of houndstooth patterned tights from Donna Karan and Rosegold lace-up booties.