No, I am not talking of the figurative pattering and pittering of baby feet but the very real sound of mice claws which Hubs recently discovered while emptying out the kitchen trash bin.

That is also when he discovered that mice can leap/fly from said trash bin at least 6 feet into the air!

Dramatization: picture a mouse flying through the air as if launched from a miniature canon (or a spoon catapult courtesy of

So we called in reinforcements in the form of  the local exterminator who gave us an exorbitant quote which we quickly accepted (I mean hello? Flying mice? This is definitely an emergency!)

Our valiant Vermin Vanquisher laid out some bait traps and did a thorough mouse-proofing. For those of you not proficient in Critter Catcher lingo: mouse-proofing = plug any holes where the mice can come in.

(Fun fact: the special bait used to kill the mice actually makes them shrivel up wherever they drop dead. Which means we’re going to have mice mummies in the walls!! Eeewww!!)

As a bonus, the Pest Punisher gave us a 6 months guarantee for a mouse-free home.

Now, you may ask: why only 6 months? Here are a couple of my theories:

1. Mice have super regenerative powers and can grow back like fungus

2. These mice are part of the local mouse-mafia and their mob-rivals will come to take over their turf

3. They are part of a network of terrorist mice cells whereby when one cell is destroyed, another one will take its’ place

4. Polter-mice

In the end, it doesn’t matter HOW they come back but that they WILL! (cue music from Jaws)