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Me: What is one word that would describe a blend of Punk and Goth styles?

Hubs: Emo!

Me (rolling my eyes): I meant for fashion not music. Duh!

(In case you cannot read minds there is a long-festering “discussion” in our family about the overuse of the word “emo” in music and what constitutes true “emo”. But I will save the scintillating details for another time.)

Hubs: (blank stare)

Me: I got it! Goth Punk = Gareth Pugh! Even the initials are the same. Coincidence? I think not.

Hubs: ( ….)

So this was a really long intro to a post on my biggest designer-crush: Gareth Pugh.

If I wasn’t afraid I would get arrested and institutionalized I would dress like this every day.

Actually: If I had heaps of money I would dress like this every day and wouldn’t care because I would use the money to hire expensive attorneys to bail me out. Ahhh… So simple: all I need is heaps of money and I could dress in GP every day and my life would be perfect!  Who said that??? (Yeah, I call him GP ‘cuz we’re tight like that!)

Gareth Pugh F/2008 RTW

(all images courtesy of style.com)

AAAAnyway… I hope you enjoyed the awesomeness that is Gareth Pugh. And if you have any heaps of money lying around just send them my way!