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I know beach posts can get boring especially since not everyone is a fan of the beach.

But after living a land-locked life for most of my teenage years I feel like I have to take advantage as often as I can, now that we live on the coast.

Ever since we (I) found the perfect beach (grassy dunes, soft sand and dogs!) – we’ve been going every weekend. That is: I pack and prepare everything,  I poke and prod Hubs into a semi-awake state so he can drive and plop on the sand to sleep some more. Exciting!

It gets even more exciting when you add visiting family members, a 3-year old, cold wind and rain.

The best part was hearing the aforementioned 3-year old yell “Bring it on!”  at the crashing waves:

(ready to set sail!)

( a little Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s no?)

(The camera just loves Olliver!)