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Apartment Therapy is taking a trip to the movies and wants you to go with them:

“Since it’s travel month on Apartment Therapy, we’re beginning a list of our favorite film escapes. There are so many good movies about travel — amazing locations that move the plot forward are a director’s dream. It seems almost silly to pick just 8 movies, but we’re starting with a small number in the hope that you’ll help us round out the list.”

To their list I would add:

1. Casino Royale – yes, I know it’s not a “travel” movie per se but the shootings and explosions take place in really beautiful places like: Venice, Bahamas, Lake Como, Prague, Karlovy Vary.

Also … Daniel Craig:

(image via mcnblogs.com)

On a side note: Do you think Bond tops Clooney’s character in “Up in the Air”  for Frequent Flyer Miles?

2. Mr. Bean’s Holiday – a funny, winding trip through Paris, Nice and of course Cannes! Also, let’s not forget the best fashion moment:

(image via http://www.blockbusters.in)

Not that one!

This one:

(Emma de Caunes, image via movies.about.com)

I love that green dress, the picture doesn’t do it justice. Does anyone know the designer?

3. Under the Tuscan Sun – Diane Lane in Tuscany with gorgeous Italians. ‘Nuff said.

4. Amelie – for a healthy dose of Parisian views, quirky style and of course l’amour!

5. La Dolce Vita – what better way to experience glamourous Rome than through the lens of Fellini?

And because I don’t want this post to go on forever, here’s the short list: Paris je t’aime, Murder on the Orient Express, Lawrence of Arabia, The Ninth Gate, Two for the Road, Out of Africa, Into the Wild.