Ever since we moved we’ve been looking for a new bed to replace our old Ikea one.

We both agreed that we wanted a king size bed with a mattress that would minimize motion transfer. We also wanted the bed to have a mid-century modern look but not be too low.

After much web trolling, we finally bit the bullet and bought the Tattersall bed from Crate&Barrel which will be arriving in 2 weeks!

The old bed will go in the second bedroom. No more inflatable beds for our guests!

Here are some pictures from the store.

We also bought the mattress to match. It’s a Simmons Beautyrest with pillow-top.

The upholstery is gorgeous and will work really well with our grey walls. The great thing about an upholstered bed is that you have a lot of flexibility when it comes to the rest of the bedroom furniture. You can go dark or light and it will match. I’m thinking white or off-white bedside tables and dressers.

I’m looking forward to many peaceful slumbers in our new bed!