This 4th of July we decided to take it slow and just go to the beach with our bestie couple and their 2 dogs. After braving the traffic (not too bad), the parking situation (awful), unloading and unpacking 3 dogs and 4 humans (challenging), we all relaxed and enjoyed the gorgeous weather.

Even after 4 hours in the sun, Hubs was still the same lovely shade of ivory. Those German genes are sun-repellent!

All the dogs took turns going into the water. Oliver swam quite well but only after some special measures were taken.

All in all a great day!

Next day it was back to the beach where we came across an unexpected rescue situation.

Our good deed for the summer! We rescued this big guy from a seagull and returned him to the ocean. The photos are misty because our camera took a little dip on the way over, oops!

Hope you had a great 4th!