Remember when I said that there are a few items missing from making our mud room complete?

One of them is a B&W striped bench pillow. After thinking about making one myself for a few minutes I gave up on the idea and started looking online for some options.

First is a standard plain black pillow from the same vendor where I bought the bench. The catch is that it won’t be available until July but I suppose I can wait…

The picture is from Hayneedle. That’s what the bench looked like before I painted the doors. The pillow will be black because white is not very practical for a mud room.

Second option is custom pillow in the perfect striped fabric – and I can add ties so it stays on the bench (Oliver has a fondness for dragging pillows around and chewing on them). The catch there is that it costs more than the bench did!

Sample of the fabric.

So should I wait and go with the plain, cheaper option or the perfect but more expensive custom one? Decisions, decisions …