According to a mud room is:

“A room which is built into some houses to act as a barrier between outdoors and indoors. Especially in regions with wet, muddy winters, a mud room can be a useful addition as it helps to keep the house clean. In addition, the mud room constitutes a clear boundary between indoors and out, which can be a useful reminder for animals and exuberant members of the household”.

Our house used to have one too but the previous owners preferred to use it as an extension of the kitchen to store an extra refrigerator and other kitchen appliances. It also had a door separating it from the kitchen that took up precious real-estate.

Because we have 2 animals (Olliver and Yanni) and sometimes exuberant members of the family come for a visit, we decided to return the mud room to its original purpose.

The inspiration for the color palette came from this  black and white hook from Anthropologie.

So cute! I just cannot resist anything with stripes!

So we stripped the floors of several layers of old linoleum and painted the walls.

You may recognize the color, it’s the same one we used in the office upstairs: “Bone Folder” from Martha Stewart Living.

Removing the old flooring was the hardest part but after a lot of elbow grease and sharp tools it was done. Thank you hubs!

The wall hooks look beautiful  even though they are not perfectly aligned.

I found the shoe storage bench online and painted the doors white so it matched the rest of the room.

We need to add a black and white striped! bench pillow (the ones in the photo are from our bedroom), a mirror and shelving and then our mud room will be complete!