In case you’re deaf or blind or dead you must know that the second Sex and the City movie is now playing in theaters.

No, this post is not about the plot, the characters’ age or the Abu Dhabi/Morroco controversy. Based on the articles I’ve read here, here and summarized here it seems these topics have been pretty much exhausted.

I will probably watch the movie when it will become available On Demand as I don’t see the point in paying $15 for a ticket when all I care about are the fashions and the set design. And what a set design it is! Check out the pictures of Carrie’s and Big’s abode (via  HGTV Design Happens):

Dining Room

Living Room

The jewel tones  in the living room work very well together. The deep blue of the couch, the pinks in the carpet and the golden painting highlight and complement each other. But it was the coffee table that drew my attention – it’s from Italian brand Poltrona Frau and worth around $4,300 which means it will never grace my living room.


The other thing that drew my attention was the closet with the his and hers theme. That may be something that is not outside of my reach. Our master bedroom is quite big – the previous owners combined 2 smaller bedrooms to make one giant room that runs the entire length of the house. They also incorporated his and hers closets but only into the wall. My plan is to take that idea even further and section off a portion of the bedroom to make a proper walk-in closet. Now all that’s left is informing hubs of the “master” plan (see what I did there?).