For Memorial Day we decided to take trip to the beach with Oliver and take a break from renovating.

The trip was not too brutal traffic-wise and Oliver decided not to be carsick so we arrived safely and not too road-rage-y.

The weather was gorgeous and the beach amazing: grassy dunes, calm sea and not too many rocks (very rare for Massachusetts).

We proceeded to entice Oliver to go into the water. As he’s part Beagle and part Spaniel we figured he would take to the water like a … well, like a water dog!

But no, he fussed and pulled every time we got close to the water. Once in, he would paddle for a bit and then jump promptly on the beach and start rolling on the sand. We call that move “Dancy Pantalones” from a character on “Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends” (google it!)

In the end we decided to give up and just chill out.

Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day!